Summary of the Initiative:

This Initiative amends portions of the City of Watsonville General Plan, primarily the City’s Urban Limit Line (“ULL”), which was set by voters in Measure U in 2002. The General Plan is the City’s long-range plan for physical urban development. The ULL is that part of the General Plan that sets a boundary beyond which residential, industrial or commercial development is prohibited.

This Initiative proposes to keep the present ULL, set by Measure U in 2002, unchanged through 2040.

This Initiative requires voter approval to change the ULL except that the City Council may change the ULL: (1) if the change moves the ULL closer to the City boundary, (2) is necessary to comply with state or federal housing law, or (3) is required to prevent an unlawful taking of property. The Initiative will not otherwise allow the City Council to change the location of the ULL before 2040.

Measure U phased urban development within the ULL from 2002 through 2022 or 2027, depending on the area. These phasing provisions expired in either 2010 (Atkinson Lane) or 2016 (Buena Vista). This Initiative proposes to amend the General Plan to delete phasing.

Measure U imposed land-use restrictions in the Buena Vista, Atkinson Lane, Villages, and Ow (formerly known as Manabe-Burgstrom) areas. Changes to restrictions required voter approval until 2022 or 2027, depending on the area. The Initiative proposes to reorganize and amend land-use restriction language in the General Plan but does not change dates for the voter approval requirement. The Initiative does not otherwise materially change land-use restrictions or permitted uses for each area (though some edits are proposed.)

Title and Summary Submitted by City Attorney Alan Smith on 6/18/2021