In 2002 Watsonville Voters passed Measure U with a 60% majority to establish Watsonville’s Urban Limit Line (ULL). The ULL was a historic compromise between farmers, business, and residents to protect Pajaro Valley Farmland, Wetlands, and direct growth within the city.

In 2013 Watsonville Voters overwhelmingly affirmed the ULL by defeating Measure T, a developer-backed effort to change the ULL, with 77% of the vote.

The Urban Limit Line has succeeded in promoting smart infill in the City of Watsonville, preventing urban sprawl on prime farmland and our beautiful wetlands, and promoting city-centered growth where public services already exist.

City leaders have been working to add housing units within existing City Limits. Today there are over 100 sites of developable land within the City, as well as opportunities for building up.

Over 95% of City residents who filled out a City-based survey last year said that the City should create additional jobs and housing near already existing infrastructure to help preserve natural and agricultural land.

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